There are moments in time that we wish we could keep forever. Moments of happiness, of love, of excitement, contemplation and anticipation. Days, months, years pass, and suddenly, when you least expect it, the briefest whisper of a scent can transport you back in a heartbeat. It’s wonderful and magical; but often fleeting.

Scent is our most primitive sense, evoking some of the strongest emotional connections to memories and experiences, bringing them to life more intensely and gloriously than any other source. From ocean shores to buzzing city streets, we have travelled the world and soaked up its beauty, its essence, its heart.

We are a luxury home fragrance, bath and body brand inspired by the recollection of memories through fragrance. Our mission is to take you on a journey of sensory exploration, to be captivated by beautifully infused scents of faraway lands.

Our four collections are detailed with complex and multi-layered fragrances that inspire your imagination, whether it’s the tropical Seychelles, resplendent Venice, cosmopolitan London or
colourful India. We’ve forged collaborations with top perfume houses to enchant your senses with perfectly unfolding fragrances that transport you to that special place.

Welcome to our world….

As well as looking and smelling divine, our collections also contain a bounty of beneficial ingredients that are rich and nourishing for your skin. Vitamin B5 softens and hydrates, shea butter protects, allantoin and sweet almond heal and soothe, and natural extract of oat is an anti-irritant and helps reduce fine lines.

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