Waterside Group

Waterside Group has been established in the market for more than 17 years and has a number of publications both past and present under its belt including Waterside, Seymour Hotels https://www.seymourhotels.com/  Longueville Manor  https://www.longuevillemanor.com/  and many UK publications. The evolution of any product is essential if it is to continue to provide the quality products that today’s consumers require. This philosophy of providing what the customer and consumer require is reflected throughout the whole team, as is demonstrated in the product that is provided. Waterside Group provides the whole pathway that is required to create, develop content, produce, market, and distribute the end product that is of high quality, cost-effective and meets the needs of the client and the consumer.

Adding value

Whether you are looking to refresh your current branding, need a whole new brand or need help with your next marketing campaign, leave it with us. Our talented team provide you with a high quality, cost-effective service with passion and commitment.

Specialising in design and print, brand building and the creation of specialised magazines, Waterside can help you with your business’ marketing and promotion. Why not look at our portfolio or get in touch?

Maurice Snowdon

Maurice Snowdon


Born in Portsmouth, Maurice is the Director and founder of Portsmouth Life and Waterside publications. Given his more than 40 years of experience and his printing and sales skills, he provides the company with all the knowledge and know-how achieved within his wide and fruitful career.

He is the heart of Portsmouth Life and Waterside. Maurice is an apprentice served lithographic printer with years of experience in the printing industry, encompassing production, sales and marketing, management and business skills.

Luke Hale

Luke Hale

Web, Digital & Graphic Designer

Luke part owns a creative design agency, he has a strong track record in web presentation and digital marketing.

He is the Operations Director at Global Big Media who has over 24 years experience in the industry, including web and social media consultancy for a National Armed Forces Charity.

A formerly Web Designer/Graphic Artist at Portsmouth News Luke was also responsible for all the publisher’s websites and digital advertising across the South of England.