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Advertising in the magazine

Advertising in the press and in directories can be an affordable and effective marketing tool for small businesses. Advertising offers a way to spread the word about your business to large numbers of people in targeted groups. Let us help your business, we offer a full design service including a voucher code for effective ROI collection.

New venture? Opening a new location? Have you got any significant anniversaries to celebrate, have you invested in new equipment, hired a new team, launched a new product or service or planned any special events?

One of the primary mistake’s businesses make when writing press releases or reaching out to the media is not to find an angle or a hook for your story. Imagine you’ve only got a few seconds to capture someone’s attention – that famous elevator pitch. It also helps to imagine you are writing a story that could be featured in print. Ask yourself what would make it interesting to you as a reader. If you’re launching a new business that’s great – tell us what’s unique about what you do, what are your credentials, and where did the team come from.

Tell our readers your story, advertorial options available or why not sponsor an edition of the magazine to include the front and back covers?

Waterside Distribution

Waterside East magazine will be distributed to locations across the Greater Portsmouth PO1 to PO19 Chichester PO1 to SO1 Southampton.

The magazine is also sent to Goldkey’s Media Platform in London they publish it to 600 plus World Wide Hotels 120 rooms on average 1 hit per day.